US Army Military Corps Celebrates 100 years

us vet corps

Cherokee and Audubon Animal Hospitals Salute our Military Colleagues in the US Army Veterinary Corps. 100 years of service to our country.

In 1916, the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps was formally established. However, recognition of the need for veterinary expertise had been evolving since 1776 when General George Washington directed the raising of a “regiment of horse with a farrier”. During the Civil War, the War Department general orders provided each cavalry regiment with a veterinary surgeon. The Spanish American War further raised awareness for human and animal health.

A bronze sculpture representing the diverse 100-year history of the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps was recently unveiled at the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum on Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

The monument has four distinct scenes depicting the Veterinary Corps history and primary missions. A World War I Veterinary Corps officer, with a horse, symbolizes the Corps origins as medical professionals charged with providing animal care.

To the right is a Vietnam era officer utilizing a light microscope portrays the Veterinary Corps’ significant contributions to medical research and development.

Next, a Cold War era Veterinary Corps officer inspecting rations demonstrates the Corps’ critical role in food protection.

Finally, a contemporary era Veterinary Corps officer treating a military working dog represents the continuing evolutionary mission through animal health care.