Puppy and Kitten Exams

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new pupp and kitten

Our staff is dedicated to helping you and your new puppy and/or kitten get off to a healthy and happy start. We offer a doctor exam for healthy puppies and kittens. Included in this exam is a full physical, including heart, lungs, limbs to look for signs of illness or congenital defects such as an umbilical hernia. During this visit, we will discuss your pet’s preventative health care needs, including vaccinations and any lab tests recommended.

We have samples of flea prevention, heartworm prevention and pet food. Our trained staff can offer information to assist you with house-training and offer advice to help you keep your new puppy and kitten on track behaviorally. We also have professional groomers on staff. They are happy to give your puppy a complimentary “face trim” on your first visit and give tips on the best way to maintain long haired coats.

Complete preventative care will assure a healthy pet and prevent your puppy and/or kitten from spreading intestinal parasites that could possibly be transmitted to humans.