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We have been taking our pets to Audubon for 30+ years and have never had a bad experience. They are always friendly as well as professional. We just lost our 15 yr old yorkie, Holly and decided in cremation. When I dropped her off there was someone there at the time with a dog that looked just like Holly and I got emotional but the receptionist (sorry I’m having a senior moment trying to remember her name ) was so sweet and took me into the room and said such kind words!

Then we received a sympathy card! Zoey has stayed at the kennel several times and we know she is well taken care of and don’t need to worry while we are gone. Opal has been the only one to groom my dogs and is awesome! The docs are friendly and top notch it is like family there! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all you go for our 4 legged family members! We love you all!❤️